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Rewards Incentives & Loyalty

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Rewards Incentive and Loyalty

Staff Incentives

Keeping your workforce happy and motivated is key to any business. Managed programmes with specific end rewards or ad-hoc, one off bonuses are ways to keep the team tip top.  HomeSense Gift Cards are great for small rewards but also for the bigger gifts needed at the end of a long term programme.

Using HomeSense Gift Cards helps retain staff, increase motivation and gives an incentive to achieve targets.  In short, your team are going to love you!

If it is your customers or distributors that you need to motivate then leverage the appeal of the HomeSense brand to help drive more sales. You can also entice new customers, get them to purchase more often or give them a reward for their loyalty.

HomeSense For Business offers a range of tailored programmes with assistance on using the HomeSense logo, distribution of gift cards and customer engagement.

For details on how HomeSense Gift Cards can be used in your staff or customer programmes call the HomeSense For Business team on
01344 988661 or email

Loyalty & Customer Promotions

HomeSense have over 25 stores across the UK offering a unique range of products for home and garden. Part of the TK Maxx group, HomeSense Gift Cards can also be redeemed in over 250 TK Maxx stores in the UK & Northern Ireland