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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I spend my Gift Card? What can I buy with my Gift Card?
A: HomeSense Gift Cards can be used in full or part payment for products or services purchased in-store. Gift Cards can be redeemed in all HomeSense stores in the UK and Northern Ireland. HomeSense Gift Cards are also redeemable in our UK TK Maxx stores. HomeSense Gift Cards are not redeemable online.

Q: How can I check my Gift Card balance?
A: Your balance can be obtained online click here, any HomeSense store in the UK and Northern Ireland or by contacting Customer Services on 01344 988661.

Q: What are the Gift Card Terms and Conditions?
A: Click here be taken to the T&C’s page

Q: Can I return an item purchased using a Gift Card?
A: Yes, you can return items to any HomeSense store in the UK and Northern Ireland.  Any refunded amount will be credited to a Gift Card and will not be given in cash.

Q: Does the Gift Card ever expire?
A: The card will expire if it has not been used for 24 consecutive months and any remaining balance will be deleted. Once deleted, a card will not be replaced. Please note that checking a balance in store constitutes use of the gift card and it is not necessary to make a purchase.

Q: Can I receive cash back on funds I have placed in my Gift Card?
A: No your Gift Card may be redeemed for products only and may not be exchanged for cash.

Q: What happens if my Gift Card is lost, stolen or damaged?
A: Please treat Gift Cards like cash. HomeSense cannot replace or reimburse the balance if the Card is lost, stolen or damaged.

Q: Where do I find my Gift Card PIN number?
A: The 4 digit PIN number can be found on the reverse of the Gift Card underneath the scratch off panel.

Q: Can anyone use my Gift Card?
A: Yes because your name does not appear on the card. The Gift Card can be used by you or given to anyone you choose.

Q: How many Gift Cards can I use during one transaction/purchase?
A: You can use up to 5 different Gift Cards during a single transaction as required but the same Gift Card cannot be used twice within the same transaction.

Q: Can I use/redeem my Gift Card online?
A: Yes, both TK Maxx UK and Homesense GBP Gift Cards and e-Gift Cards can be redeemed online at

Q: Who do I contact to make a bulk purchase of Gift Cards?
A: If you are a business or organisation wanting to make a bulk purchase of Gift Cards then please fill out our order form or contact 01344 988 661.